D - 207

  • Application Area

Water-Based D - 207 bonds porous substrates to themselves or to non-porous substrates. Water-Based D -207 gives instant high strength bonds to polyurethane & latex foams, fabric, cardboard, hessian, plastic, wood, MDF, chipboard & many other porous & non-porous substrates. Application method ; Special 2K Spray-gun (To use with the second component D-207/1)

Application of D-207/1 should be together with D-207 through one spray gun with two different injection port.

  • Open Time

         Max 10 Min.

  • Packaging Type

                  20,00 Kg    Net / P. Bucket

 50,00 Kg     Net / P. Bucket

 1.000 Kg     Net / IBC  

Image Non flammable
Image Applied with spray gun